Yes Water-Based Intimate Lubricant Review

In a word – YES. If you care for the earth as much as you care for your body and your pleasure, this bottle of lube wins the hat trick. Organic, water-based Yes Intimate Lubricant is smooth and wet as the real thing, with some benefits that will make Mother Nature grow greener with envy.

Water-based lubricants tend to come in either jelly or fluid form. Whereas jelly gets thick and mucky, fluid lubes tend to flow too freely.This necessitates real concentration to apply the right amount in the right places. YES has a texture that falls somewhere between the two, slightly jel-like as it emerges from the container, but it reverts to a watery state upon rubbing: the best of both worlds.

The pop-open lid and the ability to stand on its head make it simple to access and apply with one hand, and we all know there are plenty things to do with one’s other hand when reaching for the lube.

As a safe and healthy lubricant should be, this new star in the market is simple and as pure as a manufactured product can be. It contains neither known allergens nor all those nasty parabens and harmful chemicals that tend to find their way into so many of our body treatment products. Considering the fact that this is headed for your vagina and his penis, minimalistic is not only better – it is a must!

Of course, the most important quality of a lubricant is staying wet and, yet again, YES gets thumbs up on this matter. Staying wet not only means uninterrupted sex, but also means a small drop of your lube goes a long, long way (no apologies for the pun).

Anyone using condoms needs to use water-based lubricants because oil-based lubes can destroy the integrity of condoms. Water-based lube is also the safest bet when using silicone or soft plastic vibrators or sex toys.

You can find cheaper lubricants on the market, but a well-made lube lasts a long time and is worth every extra cent. Organic lube means only pure materials are entering your sensitive vagina, and that’s really a no-brainer.


  • Water-based lubricant
  • Certified organic
  • Comes in designed light green & silver bottle
  • Press top
  • 75 ml. (2.6 fl.oz.)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sugar- and sweetener-free
  • Glycerin-free and paraben-free
  • Condom-compatible


  • Moisturizes
  • Discreet bottle shape
  • Jel-like texture prevents spilling
  • Does not stain
  • Bottom cap for easy access
  • No smell
  • Almost no taste
  • Can be used with silicone toys


  • More expensive than most lubricants


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One comment on “Yes Water-Based Intimate Lubricant Review

  1. Great review, thank you! I have just received my first order (on your recommendation) and we weren’t disappointed at all.

    Absolutely love the product, it works in all the ways you described…total game changer.

    We normally stay away from lubes as organic credentials are a prerequisite for almost everything we buy – very happy to find this product was on the market did such a great job. I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Yes felt as close to the real deal as I can imagine.

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