Yes Oil-Based Intimate Lubricant Review

Based on sweet almond oil, one of the purest of oils, this is the sweetest of choices, that is, without a fake sweet taste, or any taste for that matter.

Yes Oil-based comes in a stylish green and gold container that stands on its head, so that there is never need to start shaking the tube like a ketchup bottle in the heat of passion. The lid is easy to open with one hand and closes securely to avoid dripping.

So it looks good and is well delivered but how does it work? The texture, smell and taste are all winners. One of the problems with traditional oil (which many women choose to use as lubricant, even when it is sold for other purposes) is that it is so runny that you tend to make a mess, or use more that you need. Somehow, the fine minds at Yes have developed an oil that is slightly solid in texture when you squeeze it out, so you can apply it with astounding ease; when you begin to spread it, it transforms into oil as we know it. That, of course, means that you can keep going and going and going, because the smallest amount of lube will keep you lubricated for ages.

This product has no smell, and more suprising for an oil-based product, it has no taste, at least nothing that would bother your average tongue, if and when they come in contact. Although some lubricants prize themselves on their food-mocking (usually dessert-mocking) tastes and smells, when choosing a lube for more than a sexual theme-party, a product that is being placed in the sensitive vagina, the fewer extraneous ingredients, the better.

This, like most oil-based lubes, keeps silky wet for longer that water-based or natural lubrication, in fact it even withstands water to a certain extent. The oils and plant butters in Yes condition the skin, and not only should it not be washed off afterwards, it can be used for massages of the vaginal area, the perineum or the whole body, if you can afford it! Don’t fear using it with your silicone vibrator, it is perfectly safe for all parties (some oil-based products can ruin silicone).

Given the simplicity of the ingredient list, the fact that it is completely organic, the easy of application and the versatility, I would say this is a great choice for everyone other than condom-users. There are definitely cheaper lubes available, but organic is always more costly, and if there was ever a place you’d want to use the purest of materials, its down where this stuff is headed.


  • Oil-based lubricant
  • Certified organic
  • Comes in designed light green & gold bottle press top
  • 75 ml. (2.6 fl.oz.)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sugar- and sweetener-free
  • Glycerin-free and paraben-free
  • Condom incompatible


  • Also suitable as a body massage oil
  • Can be used with silicone toys
  • Discreet bottle shape
  • Thick texture prevents spilling
  • Does not stain
  • Bottom cap for easy access
  • No smell
  • No taste


  • Not condom-compatible
  • More expensive than most lubricants
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One comment on “Yes Oil-Based Intimate Lubricant Review

  1. YES Oil Based Lubricant product is much impressive but it’s biggest disadvantage is it’s not a condom compatible.

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