Women Who Love Sex: an Inquiry into the Expanding Spirit of Women’s Erotic Experience – Book Review

By Gina Ogden.

Here is that book that will really get you thinking that there is more to sex than meets the eye, and even the genitalia, for that matter. For those women who are ready to take orgasming to another level, or would like to hear about others who have managed to do so, here is a book that will at times leave you with your mouth agape.

It is not a sex guide, nor as the title may suggest, tales of women’s sex exploits. It is a collection of chapters about very emblematic women who have either discovered their own powerful sexuality over time, or who represent sexual options beyond what is considered the norm.

There are many intriguing experiences collected and retold in exquisite detail, but perhaps the most interesting is the description of bringing oneself to orgasm without any physical stimulation. The less retold, the better. It needs to be read from the source.

It is a refreshing spiritual perspective on female sexuality, which does not deal with pathology or dysfunction, but rather with connection and coming to terms with real conditions.


  •  Written by a female sex therapist and researcher
  •  Explores women’s sexuality through individual narratives
  •  Views functional and dysfunctional women
  •  Deals with heterosexual and lesbian sexuality
  •  Relates to sexuality at various ages
  • 224 pages


Trumpeter, 2007


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