A Word for the Women on Our Day

To the truly empowered woman, there  365 woman’s days a year. But for the vast majority of us, reality blows stronger than our empowerment can withstand, so we take one day a year to recognise our strengths and look ahead at what we’d like to achieve for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters . To us, the real women, I offer a  word of encouragement. Just to remind us who the really fortunate ones are, if only we can avoid the harassment, the underpay, the abuse, the disrespect, the oversight, under-representation,…  and any other number of systematic forms of oppression which overtly or covertly leave us handicapped.

We are the sexier sex. No argument about it. Sure, in most societies the males may have more legitimacy and access, but when we want it, when we are allowed to indulge and discover our full sexual potential, our sexual highs are higher, our orgasms are longer and wilder, our imaginations are richer and our variety is sweeter. Best of all, age only does our sexuality good – and don’t let consumerist advice resources tell you otherwise.

And a big secret that most of us agree on: sex-for-one, as Betty Dodson put it, is for females by no means inferior to partnered sex. In fact, it is often the ultimate sexual experience. In a futuristic world where women are truly equal to men, we’ll be able to scream this out (in the heat of passion or otherwise) without fearing the consequences.

Happy & orgasmic International Women’s Day to each and every one of us!




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