What the Partners Have to Say about Penis Size

The most unfortunate element of this whole matter, is that the length of the penis is one measure, that is generally deemed less important to those who enjoy having sex with penises, than the width is. Which brings us to the second unfortunate point for those who base their worldly value on the size of their penis, and that is that bigger is not necessarily better. What is more important that the actual size is the match you have with your partner.

There are many women who echo the mistaken sentiments of praise for big penises, because they have come to accept the common belief that a well-hung man is somehow a better provider of pleasure. But if you dig a bit under the surface, most women will admit that their best lovers were either somewhere in the mid-range of size, or even a bit on the small side, with a propensity to take their lovemaking to non-phallic places, like plenty of arousal activity and oral sex.

Perhaps the “longer is stronger” myth serves a cynical purpose after all, if it leaves men feeling inappropriately endowed, which motivates them to invest in their non-phallic sexual repertoire. The challenge, then, remains how we plan to develop the skills of the smug few.

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