We Vibe Vibrator Review

Looking like mini earphones for an alien head, this is the most innovative vibrator design that’s shown up in years, possibly even decades. The discreet loop of the We-Vibe is the perfect shape for sex-for-one, but offers lots of alluring possibilities for couples too.

The narrower, slighter end that is intended for insertion into the vagina, is designed to be sleek enough to allow penetration during use. Be careful though, it may not be comfortable for everyone, especially if there is already tightness in the area during regular penetration. Even so, it can easy be manipulated during intercourse for doubles play. You can place one end on the clitoris and the other end around the testicle area, or he can use it on the testes and perineum. These can offer some of the most intense physical sensations that two people and a little machine can all have at the same time.

The little purple vibe can be used hands-free in certain instances, but because the vibrations tend to make it travel, it feels best when held in place, by a hand, against some surface or – best of all – against someone else’s body.

The joy of the We-Vibe is the crazy shape and versatility that allows great possibilities by providing a hundred different angles. It cannot be stretched into a flat toy (180°) and I wouldn’t be too rough with it; just remember that this is a top of the range instrument and the mechanisms can be broken if, in the height of passion, you push and pull too much. Under normal circumstances, though, it can move and twist quite impressively, so you can lie back and let it do the acrobatics.

I should mention a few words about setting it up: before using it, you need to charge the device. An initial examination will leave you confused because there appears to be no hole into which you’d fit the charger prong. Fear not, just trust the brilliance of silicone. There is a hole on one end which is completely covered by the silicone exterior, such that it is entirely invisible and out of harm’s way when the charger is disconnected. When you thrust the charger prong into the hole, the silicone stretches but does not tear, no matter how petrified you are that this act will destroy your expensive, brand new toy.

Don’t try to understand it, just accept it as a modern miracle and let it soak up the energy it needs to keep buzzing for endless hours. The power button, too, is located under the silicone covering. This sophisticated element makes the toy smooth and safe to use in every direction without limitation.


  •  Designed for simultaneous clitoral and shallow vaginal stimulation
  •  Deep purple colour
  •  Made of silicone
  •  Two speeds
  •  Waterproof
  •  Comes with stylish and discrete case
  •  Length: 77mm (3.1”), when curled
  •  Electrically charged



  •  Great shape for all-over genital massage
  •  Discreet
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Silicone is safe for direct use on the skin
  •  Almost silent
  •  Light weight



  •  Not suitable for deep insertion
  •  Costly


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