We Play Green: a Manifesto

The Dinah Project believes that as citizens of this ailing planet, we all need to live our lives in the healthiest possible way for our bodies and our environment. This means that…

Sex should be a measure of good health

  • Sex should contribute to good health
  • Sex should advance our mental and physical well-being
  • Sex should be safe from disease, violence and stress

Sex must be treated as detachable from fertility. Unlike other forms of life on this planet, humans have the capacity to experience sexual pleasure independent of reproduction and as such, our sexual options are wide. We should remember that…

  • Population growth is one of the harshest ecological strains placed on our delicate biosphere
  • Reproduction is a human right, but control of our reproduction is also within that right. The quality of our reproductive lives should be guaranteed as well as its freedom

In protecting our environment, we need to mind our consumer habits…

  • Condoms may fill up our landfills, but until microbicides become available, they are the best option available to protect us from STDs, which need to be treated with antibiotics and other drugs that incur a more harmful price on our biosphere and our bodies
  • Sex toys can be a great resource for safe sex, or they can be dangerous. Buying toys involves having information on the materials used and the source of power
    • Try using rechargeable batteries, chargeable machines or solar powered toys, where possible
    • If you do use regular batteries, dispose of them responsibly in battery collection containers
    • Avoid buying toys made with phthalates or PVC. Phthalates are possibly carcinogenic whereas PVC manufacturing is ecologically disastrous
    • Support green adult stores that distinguish the materials that they sell and that he sources of their products practice fair trade

One comment on “We Play Green: a Manifesto

  1. Wren, Vancouver on said:

    Powerful stuff . Seriously, rechargeable is simply the best for vibrators

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