Water Orgasms


Long before Freud told us that external orgasms were immature, women had figured out that powerful water streams could be directed straight onto the clitoris and give them a fabulous feeling, sometimes even an orgasm or twenty. The best part of water power is how it could be done in a public pool without anyone being the wiser.

Bubbles make noise and motion and they can camouflage the shaky legs below. When there are underwater hoses, jacuzzi shoots or natural turbulence, one’s hands can be in sight so no one would suspect the raptures happening below water-level. Well, no one who has yet to discover the pleasure for themselves, anyway.

Today we do not need to bath in public and even hot tubs, or jacuzzi’s, are often private so discretion is not our primary focus. Water is the choice of orgasmic tool for some women who prefer really powerful clitoral stimulation, and with private shower heads within most women’s reach, the option is there for the grabbing. So why are women not spending endless hours in their “shower” every night and morning? Why are vibrators still the pleasure object of choice, even though they need cleaning, batteries or plugging in, discreet storage, sometimes also ways to disguise their noise?

Part of what makes masturbation (or sex for that matter) feel so good is the lubrication that naturally arrives to mark our excitement but also to advance it. Our natural lubrication is washed away by water with great ease. While some women can enjoy the intensity of “dry” masturbation, to many females the feeling is course and lacking sensuality.

There are solutions to this in the form of silicone-based lubricants, which is water resistant. But if it is the simplicity that one is looking for, then the application of slippery lube, and later having to wash it away, is yet more tasks.

The biggest difference between an orgasm that comes from a powerful stream of water and one that is is delivered by hand, mouth or vibrator, is the level of control. Clitorises, like snowflakes, are highly original, each one in its abilities and tastes. While powerful pressure can be helpful in teaching a beginner or a pre-orgasmic woman, its potential to follow the delicate, dynamic wants is limited. An intense stream of water can take a woman from her baseline to highly stimulated within seconds, but it does not allow for that all-so-pleasurable gradual relief when it reaches a peak. This provides a period of pleasure, perhaps for some women a string of orgasms, but it can soon lead to numbness or over-stimulation. If this happens, you are left with tension that is not readily relieved because the strong stimulation has drawn too much blood to the genitals and it takes some time to drain and restore to a relaxed state.

In the end of the day, sex and pleasure come in many forms. Although we may have definite preferences, we should not rule out trying different experiences. As long as you are not stealing the town’s weekly drinking supply for the purpose, water orgasm is worth a shot, if only to know that it is an accessible orgasm. And who doesn’t need one of those sometimes.

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