Vegetarianism and Sex

Despite the contrived images of primal masculinity being all meat and potatoes or wild and sensual femininity being sipped out of oysters, the real path to eating for great sex stems from the other end of the spectrum, the one filled with colours, textures and shapes espoused by those granola-type people.

Out with the caveman! Good, sustainable sex is so much simpler in a healthy body and here’s where vegetarians have the edge. There are two main arguments that could make it easy to leave the pepperoni on the side. It basically comes down to how it tastes and how it works

Oral Power

The taste of body fluids depends on your nutrition. That includes sweat, vaginal fluid and semen. None of these juices are supposed to taste like chocolate milkshake, after all they are all signature flavours. People have a wide variety of tastes here, as with all things, but most people tend to enjoy sexual tastes that are lighter.

Meat is known to make sweat and sex juices heavy and strong. Some say that meat makes a person taste bitter, or that cutting out red meat consumption gives them a more delicate taste.

Although there is no definitive research on this subject, anecdotal evidence seems to point out that some fruit and herbs improve the taste of both vaginal juice and semen. Top of the list is pineapple but papaya and bananas are up there too. And nature made them all very erotic looking, which can’t be said for dead animals.

What you eat will have an individual effect on each person, so this does not mean that vegetarians will necessarily taste great and carnivores will always leave you gagging. It is important to know that the effect of food on our taste is real and immediate. Don’t give up on enjoying each other if the taste is off; try modifying the diet.

Cleaning Up the Blood Vessels

Cholesterol is bad for your sex life, not only because having a heart attack in the middle of sex can be a big downer for the relationship, but because a good strong erection and clitoral excitement are dependent on good blood flow into the genitals.

Over time cholesterol deposits block the vessels that take blood into the penis and pelvic area. This causes erectile dysfunction in men. There is little known about how high cholesterol affects women’s sexual function; it is plausible, though, that there would be some impairment of a woman’s ability to be physically aroused because her lubrication and sensation are caused by massive blood flow into her pelvic area.

Blocking of blood vessels is the result of many years of bad nutrition and lifestyle, but there is evidence that episodes of sexual dysfunction can occur within hours of a heavy meal with a high fatty content.

Vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol levels because their diets typically include lower levels of saturated fat, and produces more High Density Lipoproteins (good cholesterol) and less Low Density Lipoproteins (bad cholesterol).

Looking Good

On average, a person will become about one tenth leaner when they switch to vegetarianism. That means more energy and better body image. If that translates to superior sexual experience, more power to you. If not, there are loads of other benefits: increasing the fruit and veggie content of your diet gives you smoother skin, better digestion and has been proven to protect against some cancers and increase longevity.

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