Vanta by Vida Vibrator Review

The latest addition to discreet, hand-sized vibes with a good attitude to energy sources, is the Vanta. A sultry, dark machine, you don’t have to be a fan of black to appreciate the stylish and sexy look & feel.

Comprising a total of 5 inches (12.5cm), it is slim and short enough to pop in your handbag; there will even be space for the little charger if you are especially ambitious. The modest stature means that this is meant for clitoral use, possibly also shallow penetration. This is not designed for internal use, it simply does not have the proportions. That’s because when a girl knows she’s looking for a clitoral buzz, there’s no point in carrying and storing the extra cargo.

The wider of the two ends is designed for holding onto. The ergonometric shape makes your grip very comfortable, and the half aluminium/half silicone handle is easy to manipulate and slip-resistant, quite important when you’ve found the perfect spot and dare not lose it!

The vibrating end is silky-feel silicone, which feels pleasant like skin and is easy to wash and keep hygienic, however it tends to pick up lots of dust when left lying around, even for just a few minutes, or perhaps it just shows dust because of the black colour. In any case, so you may find you’ll want to rinse it immediately before use, even if you know it was cleaned after last use. The good thing is that washing the Vanta is no hassle since it is waterproof.

The vibrating side has a relatively narrow end, with a slight curve. You can use it to seek out your G-spot, but the curve is otherwise just as useful for comfortable clitoral reach.

There are 5 speeds, from gentle-but-not-too-easy, to ba-da-boom! They are accessed with one button, which is also the on-off button. Switching off demands a long press, so it takes about 3 seconds. Having one button, though, makes it really easy to use without looking. The button is easy to locate as it protrudes, and also has a pink surrounding light when working.

Another great characteristic of a good vibrator is its discretion when at work. Vanta is relatively quiet, as would be expected of a high-end machine.

The final touches add yet another drop of finesse. It comes with a cute, but quite big vanity bag of 200mm(7.9”) x 120mm(4.7”) x 80mm(3.2”) for safe keeping and travel. It looks like just another make-up kit, so it doesn’t draw any undue attention, if that is a concern, except for the name “Vida” on the front, but it remains to be seen if that will become a known brand and therefore a give-away clue. This is the same bag that serves various other toys in the series, the others being larger. Inside the bag are the charger, a safe-keeping foam bed and a more discreet, elegant, black tie-up purse.

The Vanta is part of the new Vida collection of stylish, rechargeable vibrators that are at once ecologically-friendly and charming. Of course, rechargeable toys save on battery use, so you won’t have any conscience about placing heavy metals in landfills for your pleasure. Now all you need is a wind turbine and you’ll be assured the greenest and most plentiful orgasms.


  •  Silicone and aluminium material
  •  Black colour with pink trim and light
  •  Designed for clitoral and labial stimulation
  •  Five vibration speeds
  •  Includes faux leather vanity tote and tie-up storage purse
  •  Rechargeable motor provides 2 hours of use
  •  Full use needs 2 hours of charging
  •  Waterproof
  •  Total length: 125mm (5”)
  •  Weight: 115g



  •  Attractive design
  •  Discreet
  •  Relatively quiet
  •  Wide range of speeds
  •  Easy to hold and change speeds
  •  Waterproofing makes it versatile and easy to clean
  •  Can be used for G-spot play
  •  Phthalate-free, silicone and aluminium is safe for direct use on the skin
  •  Very few vibrations on hands even at highest speed
  •  Electrical charge is environmentally-friendlier than battery power



  •  No range of patterns, only different speeds
  •  Single button for on-off and speeds takes a few seconds to switch off
  •  Not intended for deep penetration


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