Vanilla Foaming Intimacy Lubricant Review

Sometimes when people use the word “vanilla” in relation to sex, they mean standard, not daring or conventional. This vanilla, though, is sweet as ice-cream and no less sexy.

The Vanilla Foaming Intimacy lube is soft as whipped cream and warm as room temperature, with the smell of vanilla that makes you want to bring your nose and mouth to wherever the froth is being spread. The taste is sweet enough to make you forget its a lube and have you licking it up. You won’t be able to keep it up for too long because the aftertaste kicks in, reminding you that it is made with sucralose. People used to using sweetener may be less put off my the aftertaste, otherwise it can be a bit of a downer. Of course the advantage of sweetener is that it gives you sweetness without any real sugar, which should never be used in the genital area because it encourages yeast infections and excessive bacterial activity.

If the taste is too much for you, you can’t not enjoy the great vanilla aroma. Its simply enticing.

Because the lube comes out as foam, it has the advantage of being easy to apply but not dripping, like liquid tends to, especially when being accessed at weird angles. Give it a good shake and it foams quickly and silently, as long as the bottle is be turned upside down, otherwise it moans and groans and spits out just a few drops.

If you use it on internal areas (vaginal or anal) it is important not to apply it directly, because the pressure at which it comes out can have dangerous effects.

Overall it is a good lube, because the foam turns into a smooth and very thin water-based cream. It spreads very well, and stays wet relatively long. Once it dries, it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.

Another reason not to ingest it too heartily, is that the foaming lube contain a whole lot of chemicals that, although edible, may not be particularly healthy in large servings.


    • Water-based
    • White coloured
    • Vanilla scent
    • Sweet vanilla taste
    • Contains Glycerin
    • Contains Sucralose
    • Available in three flavours: unscented, vanilla and cinnamon
    • Contains 226ml (7.97 oz.)



    • Sweet taste (if you can handle sweetener)
    • Condom-safe
    • Will not perish toys
    • Easy access dispenser
    • Stays smooth and wet
    • Will not stain textiles
    • Not messy
    • Does not get sticky when it dries



    • Sweetener leaves after-taste


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