Uma by Je Joue Vibrator Review

I cannot think about this without an image of Uma Thurman flitting through my mind. The silicone version of Uma is also simple but stylish, growing more beautiful the longer you watch it.

Uma is a medium-large sized insertible vibrator, with a shape that makes it both sizable and discreet at the same time. The top and bottom ends are broad, with a slim waist, as it were. This may seem skimpy to the novice, or to a woman who knows that bulk is her thing. Uma is by no means a vibrator with a lot of girth, but it is still highly practical: the widest part is the bottom end, so its girth can really be felt when it is inserted deeply. This is less useful for a woman who likes width together with shallow insertion. Here we have a not-too-wide head, which is great for G-spot use or clitoral use. It is not ideal for the woman who wants a bulky dildo; because of the narrow middle, though, it has the advantage of making Uma rather light weight.

The smoothness is not limited to the curvy shape, it is also gorgeously smooth to the touch because of the high-grade silicone that seamlessly lovers it. There are no unexpected charging points because the charging is done by a magnetic attachment to the bottom end, where the control buttons are placed.

Speaking of curve, this has a great shape for holding and for G-spot play, so extended play is made easier.

The two buttons at the base are used to switch on/take the speed up (marked +) or down/off (marked -). This is more comfortable that having a single button, which is awkward for taking the speed down. Here finding the right speed can be done without too much concentration. The buttons, it must be said, are slightly stiff, so activating them takes a good push. This can be somewhat complicated if you are changing strengths in the middle of the action. Then again, some of us don’t have much need to change once they’ve found what they’re looking for.

There are three colour choices, black, purple and pink, which basically cover most of the the bases: sultry, down-played or titillating. Yet, all are still mature and very stylish. This is aimed at a woman with a preference for high-end toys, but not demanding special effects – just simple and tasteful.

The rechargeable power mechanism makes it relatively light-weight (compared to battery-operated), powerful, ready to go for 2 hours straight, not to mention eco-friendly.

The five levels of power go from moderately gentle to powerful, but not super-intense. The vibrations are not very smooth; the Uma tends to shudder as it works. It is definitely effective, in fact, some women say that this kind of vibration is better than a smooth massage which can numb if not carefully moved around. The noise is more than your average rechargeable toy, but not uncomfortably rowdy.

Uma is part of the Je Joue range of high-end sex toys, designed in the UK.


  • Medium-large sized vibrator
  • Designed for vaginal and G-spot stimulation
  • Covered with high-grade silicone
  • Rechargeable motor
  • Two button interface (+ and -)
  • 5 speeds
  • Comes in black, dark purple and pink
  • Length: 180mm (7″)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  • Works for up to 120 minutes when fully charged
  • Light indicates when Uma is charging
  • Comes with a stylish storage box
  • Designed in the UK



  • Discreet for a large toy
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Seamless
  • Light weight
  • Range of speeds
  • Simple, non-threatening design is great for novices
  • Large usable surface area makes it versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Magnetic charger attachment is easy and fun to use
  • Phthalate-free silicone is safe for direct use on the skin



  • Pricey
  • Buttons feel stiff
  • Vibrations are slightly loud and shuddery


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