Deciding on Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from age-old lists of aphrodisiacs (from rhinoceros horn to oysters) to get the libido kick-started, treatments that are available today and that have proven effective, under the relevant circumstances, include:

  • Therapy and counseling take on the psychological roots or the relationship issues involved in the sexual problem
  • Oral medications, notably Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Yohimbine and Trazadone work increasing blood flow to the penis. It maybe tempting to just pop a pill but the solution is not always this simple. This should only be done under supervision. Read more about buying sexual medications online
  • Hormone replacement therapy: testosterone supplements work on increasing libido. This should be monitored with blood tests because the side effects of excess testosterone can be dangerous.
  •  Vacuum devices work by physically drawing blood into the penis from external pressure.
  • Injections to the penis draw blood into the penis. This system has become much less popular since Viagra showed up, but is still useful for men who cannot take these medications.
  • Penile implants is a surgical option, which places either inflatable, malleable or rigid prosthesis in the penis to support an erection. This is meant for men with serious health conditions that lead to chronic erectile dysfunction.
  • Microsurgery can be a solution to very specific physiological problems, such as venous leak

More important than trying to understand what these treatments involve, is knowing that they exist and that they offer relief to men with a range of problems, from common and simple to serious. Discuss them with your doctor and if you feel they do not have the expertise necessary, visit an expert.

Erectile Dysfunction is treated by Urologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Sexual Medicine practitioner. If you feel that one specialist is shuffling you to the next and it`s tough to find whose court you belong in, try locating an Andologist. This is a relatively new field, which treats men, dealing with the overlap area between these fields.

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