Where can you get a male sex toy, a satisfied female lover and historical inspiration all at once? Hail Sir Tor, well, in this case, TOR II. While it may be yet another Scandinavian name, Tor was also one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. And classically round he is. This TOR has a stretchy yet solid ring that grips the penis and fulfils the most noble of missions: vibrations for the good Sir and clitoral stimulation for the unchaste lady.

A remodel of the previous TOR rechargeable cock ring, the version II is simply better in so many ways, though you wouldn’t know it just by looking. As sleek and innocent as ever, for the man or couple who want to keep their toys discreet, this vibrating penis ring is extremely powerful. The interface includes two small button, placed not together but on either side of the vibrating mound. One button increases speed and the other decreases, starting at a whisper and building up to a powerful insurgency. This means that control of the incremental speed motor is simple, but switching off demands a slow reduction and a steady hand; not always available after a good orgasm.

The major vibrations are felt on the mound, which is designed for clitoral access during intercourse. While not every women will find that the mound hits a home run, the stimulation will be in the vicinity, and there is always the option of confiscating it from him and using it on her directly. But I digress, this is the Boy’s Toys section after all. The whole ring vibrates, so the wearer will have a good sense of the action, and won’t simply be the holding device for the woman. If there is no woman in the picture, this is a great ring to use for masturbation, or for scrotum massage. Follow the rules of cock rings and don’t wear it longer than 30 minutes straight.

Like all cock rings, it is placed on him once he is hard. It may elicit a bit of a sweat to get it in place (suggestion: guy should practice on himself before trying it in the heat of partner passion), but do not fear it tearing – the silicone is strong and can handle the largest of guys. It can, by the way, also handle guys whose girth isn’t their strongest point.

Despite the little charging point which appears to be open, this clever toy is completely waterproof, which means it can handle a shower or a bath.

Arriving in LELO’s exclusive packaging, it makes a great gift, especially for vibrator newbies who may want something small and non-threatening, which can be used by the couple together or each partner individually.

The ring takes about 2 hours to recharge fully, less if the power is not fully depleted. Once it is ready to go, there is about 2 hours of power to use as you choose. Given the 30 minute restriction, this is many nights’ worth, unless you spend hours figuring out what else to do with it….

TOR II is made by LELO, the Swedish manufacturers of men’s and women’s toys such as the Billy, Elise II, Alia, Soraya and and other high-end toys. They are all eco-friendly, rechargeable and delightfully user-friendly.


  • Vibrating cockring
  • Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  • Made of stretchable silicone
  • Light flicks when motor is charging
  • Available in black, dark green and deep purple
  • Meant for couple’s play
  • Six vibration modes
  • Includes electric charge cord
  • Includes black satin bag and discreet, protective box
  • Comes with one-year guarantee
  • Total length: 60mm x 42mm x 20mm (2.4” x 1.7” x 0.8”)
  • Manufactured by LELO



  • Highly discreet
  • Powerful
  • Extremely quiet
  • Can be used comfortably during intercourse
  • Easy to use and change speed
  • Phthalate-free silicone is safe for direct use on the skin



  • Relatively costly
  • May be tricky to get in place
  • Does not have immediate OFF button
  • Not to be used longer than 30 min on the penis (standard cockring practice)


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