The Seven Chakras


This is the base chakra, the root (the perineum it is the area between the vagina or testicles and the anus, but this chakra generally refers to the anus too). It deals with grounding yourself and your partner; when you get this one in sync, you are supposed to experience and give out a sense of safety and health. Massaging this chakra provides prostate and anal stimulation. The first chakra has relevance beyond the body, to finding balance and security in the material world.


The 2nd chakra, or the Sacral chakra, is about sensuality, sexuality and creativity. And reproduction, if that’s what you’re into. Tantra puts a lot of focus on massaging the G-Spot and believes that female ejaculation is the inevitable outcome with sufficient practice. Vaginal massage is supposed to evoke and cleanse painful emotional memories (note from the Rape Crisis Centre: if it brings on a post-traumatic experience, just say NO; there are safer ways to deal with it).

Where men are concerned, massaging the penis is advised whether it is hard or not. The point it having the whole range of sensations.

Breathing is really important during genital touching, and this needs to be done in sync with one’s Tantra partner. Individually, breathing can be used to pull energy from the genitals to the higher chakras.


Also known as the Solar Plexis, this chakra is about empowerment and digestion. Its not quite clear how well that combo works…

The third chakra is about voicing and calming criticism, conforming or finding your unique self and eliciting inner strength. The belly also refers to being active and having guts, as it were.

All good stuff, really, so don’t forget to pay respects to this area, even if on the outside it’s not as firm as one might have wanted.


El Corazon is for courage (we don’t need Tantra to tell us this, we have the Wizard of Oz!) It seems trivial, but the 4th chakra is activated not only by sharing love, but also by being open to receiving it. It means forgiving yourself and your partner, and allowing yourself to become closer to other people in your emotional sphere.

The exercises for this chakra involve consciousness practices that bring about emotional accessibility and joining.


The throat is about expression. According to the natural order of the chakras, the throat is considered a continuation of the heart chakra, but at the same time it is also the precursor. After all, verbal communication is only part of bringing two people together (provided they are using this skill well). Tantra speaks of the voice as an instrument that can be used to bring together a whole set of inner voices. The flip side of chakra number five is listening.

This is exercised by speaking to one another, kindly and honestly. Whether you use the lingo of lotuses and goddesses or the terms from your own vernacular, this communication should safely express your inner needs and desires and honour both the speaker and the listener.


The sixth chakra, also known as the Third Eye chakra, represents intellect, vision and intuition. If the first two eyes see the past and the present, then the third eye is said to see the future. Taking it to the next level, it encompasses vision of what you want for yourself, your relationship and your society. This is the chakra meant to understand feelings and thoughts of others.


The last chakra is the spirituality centre, sitting on the very top of the head. The crown represents the unifying of all the previous chakras, combining them into one being.

This is the chakra for merging two spirits into one transcended couple, through which you will be illuminated and thereby drawn closer to all living beings. It may be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with spirituality to comprehend this level, but it’s important to realize that sex and sensuality in Tantra covers the whole range of experiences from physical to metaphysical.

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