The Love Chemicals of Chocolate: Sugar

Sugar is the main reason why chocolate is mistakenly put down as a “sweet”, and unnecessary extra with no nutritional value. Sugar has been given some really bad press, as if it alone is the cause of weight gain and it therefore has no place in a healthy diet.

This is unfair and quite honestly, a it misinformed. Not only does sugar appear in many of the healthiest natural foods that we eat, but it is an absolutely necessary chemical for our body’s functioning.

Our rain is powered by sugar in the form of glucose. I don’t know about you but I really like to think. We also have blood sugar, which means that our body stores sugar in every drop of blood so that it can access this energy to maintain and activate all our muscles and organs at any time.

It isn’t the case that sugar turns into fat, but rather fat and protein get turned into sugar, just at a slower pace.

So the problem is not sugar itself, it is too much sugar, or for that matter too much food, of any kind. Eating healthily means watching your overall calorie intake, each person according to their needs, metabolism and output, as well as trying to get most of the calories in good sources of sugar, such as complex carbohydrates and whole grains. Nutritionists tend to allow about 10% of their calorie intake from added sugars, sometimes even more. So they are saying that there are a couple of hundred calories worth of chocolate or other sweets that can be included in the daily eating plan of a normal person, with out compromising a healthy diet.

The people who need to watch specific sugar intake are diabetics and people with related conditions, because they can’t easily break it down, which can make them seriously sick.

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