The Irony of Penis Size

Somehow we’ve always held as a supreme truth the notion that the great big penis is best. Women have just accepted this idea because by the time we develop any real knowledge of penises, the men have instilled in us an understanding of their noble wisdom – that bigger is superior.

Men have prided and humbled themselves on this belief since time immemorial. Mostly, they have been humbled by false stereotypes. And why is this?

    • Because a big penis means you have more testosterone? No connection.
    • Because a big penis means you are more manly? By what standards?
    • Because a big penis means you will satisfy a woman better? Oh, no, it’s just not that easy.

Ironically, the competition that men have instituted between themselves is not about their will to trounce all other men as the supreme satisfier of women. It is ultimately about a private fear of inadequacy and a basic gender misunderstanding.

Satisfaction of a woman is related more to good navigation skills (i.e. locating the clitoris) and communication abilities (establishing her personal preferences in touch, pace and context) than to pure mechanics. Therefore, assuming the outcome of sex will be dependent on the measurement of his penis is simply reconstructing the cardinal sin of sex, which is thinking that it is all about him.

Get over it, and we’ll get over our misinformed need to play along with the farce. After all, a man’s size only has relevance in relation to a woman’s size. Yes, we too come in different shapes and sizes, which are of course more difficult to compare and feel insecure about (which we too often manage to do nevertheless).

As far as matching is concerned, being “too small” is as much (or perhaps less) of a problem than being too big. And being stuck thinking that size mismatches cannot be worked with, is the most unfortunate problem of all.

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