The Class of Glass Sex Toys

When you think of glass, you usually imagine sharp edges and that’s the last thing you’ll want to bring anywhere near your dearest parts. But here are a whole lot of reasons to explore this slippery issue and discover that even the most transparent material hides lots of secrets and sensations.

Although pure glass is used by some manufacturers, most of today’s glass sex toys are made of the more durable Pyrex glass, which upgrades them to some of the most beautifully designed toys around, with a whole set of special advantages. Since pure glass is relatively rare these days, this article will focus on Pyrex glass. Be sure to check out what you are buying, and know what each material has to offer.

Pyrex, a brand name for borosilicate glass, is the stuff that took over glass kitchen-ware because it is so much safer (more resilient to temperature change and stronger) than regular glass. But it still needs to be treated with care so that it will last at least as long as you will.

The main idea of glass toys is that they are smooth and hard. Smooth means the surface is clean, healthy and pleasant to feel. Hard means that they are especially effective for certain types of stimulation. Take the G-spot, for example: this area needs specific and solid manipulation, and using a well-curved, sturdy wand will maximize the chances of finding that potential G-spot orgasm.

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*Illustration of pyrex glass wand by Earth Erotics

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