The Class of Glass Sex Toys – Part 2


Glass toys tend to be more expensive than plastics, and sometimes even pricier than silicone toys. This is because glass dildos are either hand made, or replicas of artists’ designs. Even though they don’t have the buzzing mechanisms of vibrators, the raw material tends to be more expensive, and worth the investment because it won’t be worse for wear.

Cold, Cool, Warm, Smoldering…

Since a glass toy has no motor or flexibility, some people mistakenly see them as inert, unvarying pieces. But here is a skill that can turn one of these babes into a whole entertainment centre.

Pyrex glass has a nearly magical ability to absorb and retain heat and cold. Soak the piece in hot water or chill it down in the refrigerator or ice-water (without extreme temperature change), and you will have two very different versions of the original toy.

Glass will normally be at room temperature, which will feel a bit cold when it touches your skin at first, but the same ability to adapt to its environment will allow it to warm up to body temperature in a matter of seconds.

Safety and Long-Life

Cleaning glass is easy, all it needs is a bit of soap and water. But care must be taken when cleaning because it can so easily slip and chip. Keeping the surface smooth and uncompromised is essential. Any chips or cracks in the glass mean retiring the toy from the sex industry to service as a very pretty paper weight. Having said that, if the glass piece is well cared for, it will go on “working” or rather being workable forever.

For those who fear it breaking in the midst of the act, there is absolutely no chance of it shattering under the pressure of fingers, vaginal muscles or anal muscles. Even the slimmer versions of these toys are clearly too thick to be crushed by even the strongest person. What will shatter them is being dropped on a hard floor from a height. Keep that in mind when bringing your glass dildo along for sexual acrobatic acts.

Being heat-resistant means that glass toys can survive the dishwasher, but it’s probably not worth the hassle, or the thought that left over foodstuffs may be washing past your very private artwork.

First-Time Users

Newbies to the sex toy arena need to understand that dildos are a whole different game from vibrators, so think about your needs before you decide where to invest. If it’s the feeling of vaginal fullness you are looking for, anal stimulation or G-spot discovery, then dildos could be the way to go. If you’re still trying to hunt down the elusive orgasm, stick to clitoral vibrators instead.

On the other hand, whether you’re a newcomer or a collector, glass pieces are aesthetically a notch above all the rest. For some people, the arty look will entice them to try their first toy; for others, it may be this kind of upgrade that gives them the sense that they have graduated to the big league.

Whether the spark that it ignites comes from deep inside, or from the way the light reflects off the glass rod (because it does nothing for you sexually), you have to appreciate a beautiful thing when you lay your hands on it. If you retire it from its sexual purpose, you could always place it as a centerpiece on the coffee table.

Post-Script: Glass toys make a terrific gift because they marry quality aesthetics with seductive functionality. Just make sure the recipient isn’t one of those capricious types who will be throwing accessible objects at you the next time you fight.

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