The Butterfly Review

If it’s a secret thrill you’re after, or a terrifically fun gift, then this one gets 10 stars. But as a vibrator, it is less than perfect. This no-hands device straps around the legs and the vibrating bump fits along the vulva, reaching the clitoris. The fact that it sits stationary can be a problem because most women prefer a minimal amount a movement to spread the lubrication and feel the vibes dance around a bit.

The idea of the secret vibrator, worn under clothing, is certainly worth trying if you’re the type of woman who likes checking out new things, but the cost doesn’t make it a worthwhile for a one-time adventure if its not your style to take your vibrator to boring lectures or board meetings. It is discreet enough to do though – it may seem loud when it is not in place, but as soon as it is being worn correctly, most noise created is absorbed by the body.

Although it seems less practical, it can be used as a regular clitoral vibrator, by being held in place by hand. Obviously in this way it won’t be too simple to manipulate.

It would make a great gift, especially for a woman who has already used a more regular vibrator.



  •  Multiple speed
  •  Adjustable elastic strings around the legs to hold it in place
  •  Made of pliable jelly-like material
  •  Designed for external use
  •  Size: 110mm (4.4″) x 85mm (3.4″)
  •  Uses two AA batteries



  •  It is worn discreetly and worked by a remote control which can be slipped into a pocket, out of sight
  •  When in place, it is almost silent



  •  Relatively expensive
  •  Static placement so it can’t be moved without obvious body movement
  •  The cord bothers some women
  •  The power box is not of the highest quality
  •  The material has a smell which gets stronger when stored in a closed place
  •  Soft plastics may be a health risk if used directly on the skin


Dinah Rates      

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