The 10 Classic Myths about Masturbation

It’s probably because we humans can’t escape guilt and moral torture. We have taken the pleasure of masturbation, which by the way is not only rewarding; it is also stress-relieving, instructional and pretty much the safest form of sex around. But we have warped it with misfounded beliefs and accusations.

Sex-for-one is just that, or as Woody Allen put it, “sex with someone I love”. But the anti-masturbation campaign has been running so effectively and for so many centuries, that people around the world, across cultures and age groups, have reported myths about the devastating effects of masturbation that have seeped into our most basic understanding of what sex is about.

It’s time to put them on the stand and discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of Do-It-Yourself sex.

And here are the some of the all time favourite myths:

1. Masturbation will make you go blind

Well, there is that second or two after a well-orchestrated orgasm when the world fades away, but other than that, absolutely no loss of sight.

2. Masturbation will give you hairy palms

If only this were true, and if experts could figure a way to harness the technology, whereby fair follicles from a hairy part of the body (like the genitals) could migrate by touch to a totally hairless part of the body (like the palm of your hands!), I am sure that clinics for baldness would really appreciate this information.

3. Masturbation will make a man effeminate and masculanize a woman

If this were so, masturbation might have been just what our society needs to help women and men connect with our male and female sides, respectively. It couldbe good if we could have such a popular activity that was bridging a bit of the gender gulf.

4. Masturbation will make a man impotent

As long as you take your hands off your penis long enough to get through a day’s work, socialize in the world of the living, and have sex with others when opportunity permits, neither your urge nor your ability will subside.

5. Masturbation will turn women and men into sex addicts

What came first – the masturbation or the urge? Any behaviour or thought only becomes an addiction when it controls your life or activities, and takes over your healthy needs. It’s alright that sex-for-one can give you as the desire for sex-for-two, because sometimes sex-for-two does just the opposite. As long as your hand or sex toy doesn’t turn into your significant other, and can’t handle competition from real life people or circumstances, you’ll be fine.

6. Masturbation will stunt your growth

Does that mean Pygmies masturbate more than the Nordic races?

7. Masturbation will give you acne

With a skip in the logic this might make sense, after all the hormones of adolescence awaken the drive to masturbate and the same adolescent hormone thrusts often cause acne, so put two and two together and you’ll get one. Actually, experts agree that if you’re prone to skin outbreaks, you should never masturbate while eating chocolate and fried food.

8. Masturbation will cause insanity

Let’s not confuse the really freaky face you pull when you’re reaching orgasm, especially when no one is looking, with a long-term effect. In fact the reduction in tension that masturbation causes can only guard you from the craziness of living and working among way too many sexually frustrated people.

9. Masturbation will make you sterile

You will not run out of eggs or sperm by masturbating .The eggs don’t at all mind the giggle of pelvic spasms brought on by masturbation, in fact the massage may possibly be fun for them. As for the sperm, when one batch is used up, new ones are produced. Besides, fresher ones are always more fertile than the guys that have been lying around in the testicles for a few days or weeks.

If, in avoiding masturbation, you find yourself having unsafe sex, you should know that a lot of the STIs (sexually transmitted infections) that may not even be noticeable when you catch them, can lead to infertility in time.

10. Everybody Masturbates

Actually this isn’t true. Every serious study done has shown that men masturbate more than women, and the range of masturbators (adults who have masturbated in the past and/or continue to do so) runs between 50-90% for females and 80-99% for males. Those who do not and have not masturbated may have problems with sexual desire, which may or may be rooted in psychological hang-ups related to moral beliefs, religious education, neurotic relationships or abusive experiences.

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