Teaching the Options

Imagine if all your experience with coffee was instant coffee. Perhaps even three different brands of instant coffee. One is decaf, one is granulated and the third is so old that it has settled into the corner of the container for life. You may enjoy a cup when you really need a wake up, or when a hot drink all you can think of. You may even think you know what coffee is all about, because you’ve had a range of experiences.

But you can’t claim to have the final word on your taste in coffee until you experience some of the incredible range of what coffee can be: freshly brewed Java, Italian roast, Turkish grind, Ethiopian buna.

Coffee you can live with or do without. Condoms, are a whole different story.

In the past sex educators have had to deal with giving a message that was tough to sell – that sex needs to be protected and safe, but in the majority of cases, the solution for being safe was, shall we say the instant coffee of solutions. Until a few years ago, the range of condoms available was limited. Sex educators who themselves learned about the condom market at this time could only harp on the same old lines: condoms are what they are and they are always better than the possible consequences of unsafe sex. Learn to deal with it.

In recent years, the range of and association with condoms has changed everything that made condom use the drag it used to be. These options have taken away just about all the hurdles between safety and great sex. Here’s how that happened:

    1. Condoms have become significantly more easily available. More on this …
    2. The range of condoms has grown in leaps and bounds. More on this…
    3. Condoms now come with an amazing list of bonus features.

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