Practicing Yoga for a Better Sex Life

It’s difficult to argue that yoga is intrinsically connected to sex, because in its original form, yoga was associated with celibacy, or at least ejaculatory control. But yoga has evolved to meet the needs of the West and in doing so has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle and positive sexuality. People often get confused between yoga and tantra because they are closely related. Tantric sex brings... read more

6 Reasons Why Yoga Will Spruce Up Your Sex Life

1. Muscle Strength Yoga positions use the body’s own weight to isolate, stretch and strengthen muscles all over the body. A stronger and more confident body can enjoy more creative sexual positions. You can change positions when you want to, and not only when you feel too weak to support your (or your partner’s) weight. 2. Flexibility Have you read the Kama Sutra? Say no more. 3. Stress Control We all... read more