Being a Woman in 2014: Revolution Needed

The woman’s movement seems to have made strides, until we look beyond the top layers. Take a look at the Concern Worldwide’s Woman’s Day campaign: Women Do 66% of the world’s work Earn 10% of the income Own 1% of the property And I would like to add: Have way less than 50% of the orgasms…. Just so that we have another worthy equality... read more

Oil: Good for Only One Thing

Today, Libyans go to the polls. After 42 years of Gaddafi, you could imagine that that makes for some happy folks, and particularly happy women. This election is all about female representation, female votes and female voices. Sure, that does not usually translate to female emancipation, but it is a good start in a society where women have until the recent revolution been nothing but veiled and silenced.... read more