For Novelty Use Only

Anyone whose had the patience, or perhaps the restraint, to read the small print on a vibrator or sex toy container, will very likely have come across the phrase “Sold as novelty only” or something to that effect. Subtly inserted at the bottom somewhere, after the superlative description of said product’s abilities to send your body into hyperspace, these sub-sized words seem oddly misplaced. So why... read more

Solar Bullet Vibrator Review

Want to have extreme pleasure and make Al Gore proud at the same time? Otherwise put, this is your ticket to heaven with the blessing of Mother Earth. The Solar Bullet is shaped like your basic bullet, with a welcome addition of sensual velvet-like covering, so it feels natural on the skin. The bullet attaches with a long cord to the power cell. This does add some bulk to the tiny vibrating bullet, but... read more

We Play Green: a Manifesto

The Dinah Project believes that as citizens of this ailing planet, we all need to live our lives in the healthiest possible way for our bodies and our environment. This means that… Sex should be a measure of good health Sex should contribute to good health Sex should advance our mental and physical well-being Sex should be safe from disease, violence and stress Sex must be treated as detachable from... read more