Private Jet Stream of Pleasure Review

The Private Jet is by no means an aircraft but it may take you on a ride that is as memorable as any shower you’ve ever had. A quick look at the Private Jet Stream of Pleasure gives the impression that it is more suited to a hardware store than a sex toy shop. Except for the pink which gives away the fact that something funky is up. The small fixture is installed (according to the instructions in 30... read more

Water Orgasms

  Long before Freud told us that external orgasms were immature, women had figured out that powerful water streams could be directed straight onto the clitoris and give them a fabulous feeling, sometimes even an orgasm or twenty. The best part of water power is how it could be done in a public pool without anyone being the wiser. Bubbles make noise and motion and they can camouflage the shaky legs... read more