Bioglide Lubricant Review

Less is more. When it comes to personal lubricant, less is much, much more. With a mere three ingredients, Bioglide is a great choice to add to sex or solo play without taking anything away. It makes you wonder why you’d need any more. The lubricant comes out in a jel-like state but very soon turns fluid. It is clear and smooth to the touch and non-sticky. These are optimal texture states because... read more

Lubricants: the Essentials

Mother nature was the one who gave us the taste for a little extra wetness. She provided female juices just when we need them, and saliva as an available top-up solution. But not everyone has enough to go around, and some forms of sex just need a little extra help. So we invented a few artificial options, to make sex more manageable and much more enjoyable. Who Needs Lube? All forms of penetration are... read more