Practice Makes Perfect (Sex)

Some couples do more rehearsals on the wedding ceremony than on the consummation of the wedding. It may make their parents proud, their religious authorities boast. But no-one but the virgin brides and (perhaps) grooms get to lie in the bed that they made. And sometimes that bed is less sexy than it might have been with a bit more preparation. Bravo, Dr Raj Brahmbhatt. It can’t be easy to say that... read more

What is a Virginity Test?

Virginity tests in different cultures have ranged from checking the clarity of urine to standing above a wine bottle and smelling for wine on a her breath, to inserting a wax penis into the now-de-hymenized virgin. Even today in cultures where virginity is highly prized, and where lack of virginity in a young bride can lead to annulment of a marriage, violence or even death, young women are often taken to... read more

What is a Chastity Belt?

The Chastity belt was invented to protect women (and their proprietors) from such shameless acts as pre-marital sex, or sometimes extra-marital sex. It was a father way to keep his girl a virgin or a husband’s way of keeping her faithful, something that spoke volumes about the fearful conception they had of the force of female sexuality. They were said to be developed in the Middle East and brought... read more

Virginity: What’s the Deal?

In cultures around the globe, virginity in females has been mostly prized, and kept it in check with various social codes, from high “marriage price” to honour killing. There are still countries where virginity testing is a routine part of the deal before families agree on a marriage. A very popular virginity measure throughout history has been bleeding after the first intercourse, but we now... read more