Cheeky Rockettickler Vibrator Review

The cheeky member of the Rockets comes in a feisty blue and with a surprising shape. It is basically a slimmer than average phallic vibrator, with an enlarged area towards the top and a small, hooked tip. The tip, is great for clitoral use and the enlarged neck is good for extra sensation or G-spot use during insertion. But why the unusual shape? Most phallic shaped sex toys will have consistently wide... read more

LELO Soraya Vibrator Review

The name Soraya means princess in Persian and so it is becoming of this exclusive toy with its element of mystique. The Soraya is one of three gorgeous items in the new Insignia collection, in which LELO has managed – yet again – to do something utterly stunning. The base of this penetrative toy has a hollow ring which is designed for the insertion of the forefinger. You do not have to grip it this way,... read more

Cute Tickler Vibrator Review

If I could match a celebrity to the Cute Tickler, it would have to be Fergie. It is petite but makes a stunning entrance, cute but just wait until it gets turned on! Baboom! Not as innocent as you thought. Cute Tickler is one member of the brand new Tickler range of vibrators, each designed to capture a specific personality, while remaining bubbly and fun. Cute is part of the family whose other members... read more

Is the Dolphin the New Rabbit?

If you didn’t know that I was referring to sex toys, perhaps if you thought I was posing a zoological question, it may sound quite idiotic. But for anyone who has even the briefest knowledge of the vibrator market, here is a query that inspires thoughts about the inspiration behind this huge and ever-expanding corner of the entertainment world. When the Rabbit made its mainstream debut on Sex and... read more

LELO Gigi Vibrator Review

Everything except for the frivolous name simply reeks of top quality and elegance. For starters this is electrically charged, so there are neither electric cords nor batteries that slow down over time. Once charged, it provides up to 90 minutes of powerful vibe. If not depleted, the charge will keep for 90 days, which gives you instant power even after leaving it lying around for a few months at a time.... read more

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