HPV on my WHAT?

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are having a bit too much fun with their research grants. They have been supplying participants in their study with not one but TWO vibrators, all in the name of science, of course. In a bold study, from the university that brought us Kinsey, we have been shown that sex toys can carry HPV  (human papillomavirus). Interestingly, the virus is still... read more

Toy Therapy: Taking Sex Toys to the Next Level

It was difficult enough for Lana to make the appointment. She had been denying she had sexual problems for as long as she could. With her relationship in danger of becoming calcified in a sexless state, as she put it, she could not afford to keep telling herself and her partner that her desire would return when the she got more sleep, when her boss retired or when summer came and she could lose the extra... read more

On Keeping Calm

“A crucial moment in Britishness” is how they describe the World War II motivational poster “Keep Calm and Carry On”. That’s very noble but some would say what is crucially British is vicars and tarts, or under-clothed models on the Sunday Times’ back page. So with all due respects, we’ll upgrade the slogan to something just as British but a whole lot more... read more

Sex Toys: Marketed to Men or Women?

Merchandising, brand positioning and advertising are everything when it comes to marketing and influencing consumers. They are the essential components that affect our decision to buy. Wine bottles and perfume are wonderful case studies of this. In fact, half the research for branding wine goes in to the design of the bottle rather than the wine itself. Unless you know exactly what bottle of wine you... read more

The 10 Worst Excuses for Not Owning a Vibrator

Having established that sexual enhancement is something we need to aim towards, and that we can all benefit from discovering the different sensations that our body can have from different stimulation, there are still some who just can’t bring themselves to try a little electronic help. Here are some of the best excuses I’ve heard in order to avoid (what should be) the inevitable progression:... read more

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