Wavy Tenga Egg Review

Turned inside out, the Wavy Tenga is probably the most attractive. It looks like an iced, white rose, with its gently rolling ledges that cover the whole interior surface. The effect of the ledges is not really strong because the gradient is quite gentle, but the massage is very sensual. Wavy Tenga is one of the family of super discreet male masturbators that are shaped as eggs. Appearing just like a... read more

Twister Tenga Egg Review

The Twist Tenga egg is like the inside of your cell phone: lots of complicated shapes and buttons, which you don’t need to study or understand. You just need to use know how to switch it on and then to sit back and enjoy the functionality. All that needs to be said is that a high level of traction is created by protrusions and extrusions that run horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Some are... read more

Spider Tenga Egg Review

Want to put your privates in the hands of an erotic net? The fantasy element runs strong here, with a close pattern of raised blocks to catch your imagination and entrap you. Perhaps wider spaced lines would have a stronger effect, but this close net actually lands up feeling different but not very intense. Spider Tenga is one of the family of super discreet male masturbators that are shaped as eggs.... read more

Clicker Tenga Egg Review

Clicks is one way of describing the inner surface of this egg, but it is not dissimilar to pox or groups of nodules. Altogether the effect is moderate, not as smooth as the Silky Tenga but not as intense as others like the Stepper. The decoration on the cover suggests something similar to round nodules, like the ones you find on a studded condom, but don’t expect anything as stimulating as a good... read more

Stepper Tenga Egg Review

Smooth on the outside, this is anything but smooth on the inside. The Tenga Stepper is your same little jelly egg with a secret labyrinth of step-like protrusions that cover the entire internal surface, except for the top centimeter or so. Each step extends about 3mm above the internal surface, so it is nicely felt, adding even more sensation to the already exciting penis hugger. The stepper can be made... read more

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