Unearthing Tantric Sex

So you have decided to uncover your blissful, inner goddess, sanctify your sexuality, awaken your chakras and rechannel your erotic and spiritual energies. Or have you just heard that Tantra is the new multiple orgasm and figured you can become the ultimate lover if you could only figure out what the hell Tantra is. Well, here comes the de-New Aged rundown on this ancient practice, that – by the way... read more

The Seven Chakras

Perineum This is the base chakra, the root (the perineum it is the area between the vagina or testicles and the anus, but this chakra generally refers to the anus too). It deals with grounding yourself and your partner; when you get this one in sync, you are supposed to experience and give out a sense of safety and health. Massaging this chakra provides prostate and anal stimulation. The first chakra has... read more