The Most Legendary Disease of Them All: Syphilis

A long time ago, before the term HIV clouded our sexual intentions, before the 60’s changed the way we were allowed to behave sexually, even before penicillin was mistakenly discovered, there was one disease that was so ferocious and unspeakable it’s hundred different names were all but whispered. Syphilis, then known as the sovereign of all the venereal diseases, was the most debilitating. To add insult... read more

Prevention of Syphilis

Although there are some external signs of syphilis (the initial ulcer, a rash and late signs of advanced disease), not everyone has obvious signs so care must be taken to avoid contact between genitals and body fluids until sexual partners have been tested and shown to be negative. Wearing a condom during genital or anal intercourse and a dam during cunnilingus offers the best protection available. Avoid... read more

Diagnosing and Treating Syphilis

Historically, syphilis was not medically diagnosed but rather deduced according to the circumstantial evidence, which included information or supposition of illicit sexual experiences. This is a very poor system, when it comes to a disease often referred to as “the Great Imitator”. Today, it is diagnosed using blood tests. A simple cheap test is performed, and if it turns out positive, it is confirmed by... read more