Ebola Just Got Sexy

Who knew that the latest sexually transmitted disease to join the list would be Ebola?! Oh, so now you wanna hear more…! Let’s get some perspective. The current outbreak of Ebola has to date infected some 6,500 people in West Africa. Of these people, just over 3,00o children, women and men have died. A staggering 25%-90% of those infected will be dead within weeks, depending on where it is... read more

HPV on my WHAT?

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are having a bit too much fun with their research grants. They have been supplying participants in their study with not one but TWO vibrators, all in the name of science, of course. In a bold study, from the university that brought us Kinsey, we have been shown that sex toys can carry HPV  (human papillomavirus). Interestingly, the virus is still... read more

How Safe is Lesbian Sex?

There is a popular notion that lesbians and women who have sex with women, have a certain freedom from worry about contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). As we should all know by now, pregnancy is off the list of worries, but STIs are spreading their nasty effects almost as easily as with all the other sexual ensembles. And here is how… STIs can be spread through vaginal fluid, skin-to-skin... read more

Young, Female and Infected

Who still thinks that youth is innocent and uncomplicated? The teenage years are increasingly demanding on children and their burgeoning sexuality. In addition to their need to learn and relearn their changing bodies, it is becoming more evident that the youngest sexually active people are the most vulnerable to negative outcomes, especially sexually transmitted infections (STIs). And even more so than... read more