The Sex Bible for Women: Book Review

Susan Crain Bakos. Real bible yielders have many reasons why they consider liberated sex to be blasphemous, and this new Bible may just bring on a whole new level of accusation. This is the most graphic and unambiguous bible that I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and one that may just put your belief back in its place. To be honest, the first impression was not a great one. It came across as a... read more

The Many Joys of Sex Toys – Book Review

By Anne Semans. There are piles of sex toy books around, quite a few of them written by this very author, which makes you wonder what this book has to add to the existing literature? In the way of content, there is nothing much new here, but there is a solid introduction to sex toys and some good basic sex education – male and female anatomy, arousal, orgasm, kegels, etc. Quite clear and standard. The... read more

Sextasy – Book Review

By Caroline Aldred. East and West meet with a bit of a smack in this sex guide. A very sensual read with a lot of excellent information but be warned: it gets off to a bad start with flowery, banal even meaningless tidbits, which are worth skipping. When you get into the heart of the book, it has something to offer. Caroline Aldred is a yoga and tantra master, so she brings that New Age voice and rhetoric... read more