Sad, Sore and Strong

The Indian gang-rape story has to be the ugliest start to a fresh new year, but the sisterhood (and pro-sister brotherhood) that has arisen across the sub-continent and around the globe, tells us that we still have the power to change things, and we must never forget it. Rape isn’t new. It’s an act of violence in the sexual sphere but it is not sex. It exists wherever there is a power... read more

25th November – White Ribbon Day

Violence exists in society, and violence as such needs to be combated. But violence against women is especially disturbing. It attempts to subdue women and have us internalize that femaleness destines us to inferiority. It also shatters the lives of children who witness it and grow up under its direct and indirect influence. While some advance has been seen in recent decades in the criminalization and... read more