The Power of Porn in Sex Education

Porn is to sex education what illness is to doctors: it gives us endlessly more work to do. But it is so much more. It is the blasphemy that everyone speaks, the diet that everyone breaks. It is an example of what sex is NOT, but from which I can launch my real sex crusade. Everyone, with very few exceptions, has consumed pornography and that is understandable: we’re intrinsically curious in our... read more

Toy Therapy: Taking Sex Toys to the Next Level

It was difficult enough for Lana to make the appointment. She had been denying she had sexual problems for as long as she could. With her relationship in danger of becoming calcified in a sexless state, as she put it, she could not afford to keep telling herself and her partner that her desire would return when the she got more sleep, when her boss retired or when summer came and she could lose the extra... read more