Now There are Demisexuals Too

In a world that loves putting people in boxes, the newest definition on the sexual spectrum is Demisexual. For those who do not update their sexual jargon regularly, this refers to a breakaway from the asexuals. This group consists of people who experience feeling no sexual attraction to other people, until such time as a profound emotional or romantic relationship develops between them. This differs from... read more

Don’t Ask or Do, Don’t Tell or Do

Just wandering what they’ll call it now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has entered into the pages of history. It’s not as if we can now say “Don’t Ask, Do Tell” because that could be unsolicited or just too much information. “I’m Asking, so You Must Tell” might be a sign of changing times, but it’s too rambunctious. So perhaps a... read more

A Message from Freddie

If Freddie were here, he would be 65 today. He’s been dead for 20 years is November, and yet we still hear from him regularly. He speaks about love and freedom and bicycles and fat-bottomed girls. Actually, he speaks about pretty much everything. All that Freddie doesn’t get round to saying, and I think he’d sing it from every podium if he were still here today, is that sex can kill you... read more