Playtime for Two with Sex Toys

The thing with toys is that whether you are 3, 33 or 73, and whether your toy is fluffy or electronic, it can entertain you for hours on your own, or it can instigate a really cool play-session with a play pal. There is not really that much difference between our ability to have a blast with play objects at different ages, except possibility for our enthusiasm regarding playmates. At age 3, mates are... read more

Sex Toys: Marketed to Men or Women?

Merchandising, brand positioning and advertising are everything when it comes to marketing and influencing consumers. They are the essential components that affect our decision to buy. Wine bottles and perfume are wonderful case studies of this. In fact, half the research for branding wine goes in to the design of the bottle rather than the wine itself. Unless you know exactly what bottle of wine you... read more

Synthetic Hugs vs. Synthetic Orgasms

Introducing the “Hug Me Jacket”. The up-and-coming designer who fathered it is Si Chan. He describes it as a piece that makes the wearer feel “warm and hugged”. He says that everybody needs love. Hmmm, matchmaker Si, if only everybody could afford £800 ($1,280) – as you would have it – there’d be no loneliness in the world, no broken hearts and a nose-dive in the STD rates. Or do those hands do more... read more

The Class of Glass Sex Toys

When you think of glass, you usually imagine sharp edges and that’s the last thing you’ll want to bring anywhere near your dearest parts. But here are a whole lot of reasons to explore this slippery issue and discover that even the most transparent material hides lots of secrets and sensations. Although pure glass is used by some manufacturers, most of today’s glass sex toys are made of the more durable... read more

A Sex Toy in China? No Way!

Although they produce enough sex toys every year to keep the entire planet floating in endorphins, the Chinese are not big fans of sex toys themselves. Not that a vibrator wouldn’t go amiss there, just that tight cultural influence on propriety has deemed our lovable made-in-China friends into devices non gratae. Which is why a story coming out of the little village of Liucunbu has got people... read more

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