Toy Therapy: Taking Sex Toys to the Next Level

It was difficult enough for Lana to make the appointment. She had been denying she had sexual problems for as long as she could. With her relationship in danger of becoming calcified in a sexless state, as she put it, she could not afford to keep telling herself and her partner that her desire would return when the she got more sleep, when her boss retired or when summer came and she could lose the extra... read more

Recycling 2.0: Disposal of Old Sex Toys

Recycling means the world to us, so who is going to decide whether vibrators get disposed of in the electronics bin or lovingly buried like old lovers, missed but laughed about. I dream of a time when sex toys will be made from sustainable materials with solar charging, that we will be able to consume them like organic cherries, conscience- and GMO-free. But we green eroticists need to think twice about... read more

For Novelty Use Only

Anyone whose had the patience, or perhaps the restraint, to read the small print on a vibrator or sex toy container, will very likely have come across the phrase “Sold as novelty only” or something to that effect. Subtly inserted at the bottom somewhere, after the superlative description of said product’s abilities to send your body into hyperspace, these sub-sized words seem oddly misplaced. So why... read more

Dirty Underwear

One of the words that the world associates with safe sex is Durex. They are not necessarily that last word in condoms, but they’ve done their damndest to make their name what it is. Sexual behaviour surveys, lubricants, vibrators and now, Funderwear. Their adverts are fantastic but their surveys are scientifically dubious, the lube is sticky, the vibrators are run of the mill and the... read more

Playtime for Two with Sex Toys

The thing with toys is that whether you are 3, 33 or 73, and whether your toy is fluffy or electronic, it can entertain you for hours on your own, or it can instigate a really cool play-session with a play pal. There is not really that much difference between our ability to have a blast with play objects at different ages, except possibility for our enthusiasm regarding playmates. At age 3, mates are... read more

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