Autism and Sexuality

Autism is a spectrum of conditions that affect communication, sensation and sometimes other developmental abilities. What characterizes autism most of all is the lack of understanding that outsiders have for people on the autism spectrum, simply because individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) either cannot or appear not to want to express their will, their needs, their thoughts and their... read more

Recycling 2.0: Disposal of Old Sex Toys

Recycling means the world to us, so who is going to decide whether vibrators get disposed of in the electronics bin or lovingly buried like old lovers, missed but laughed about. I dream of a time when sex toys will be made from sustainable materials with solar charging, that we will be able to consume them like organic cherries, conscience- and GMO-free. But we green eroticists need to think twice about... read more

Sex Education Against Complacency

It is bitter irony that HIV/AIDS ushered in the opportunity to wake up sex education and turn it into something debated at the highest levels. It is one of the biggest losses for sex education that we seem to be losing the battle when it comes to sustaining the momentum of safe sex over time. What constitutes a sex education failure? A failure is when HIV rates are down because of HIV tests, but other... read more

19 Forever (God help the post-pubescents)

Who still remembers the Joe Jackson song “Nineteen Forever”, which speaks of 19 as the ideal age, mature enough to take on the world but before it all gets complicated? I recall listening to it incessantly at that particular age, knowing I’d be looking back one day and sighing. I was somewhat grown up when I was 19, not like Justin Bieber who, as far as I’m concerned, will be 15 forever. But... read more

Sex Education Does Delay Intercourse

It may seem logical to think that talking sex to young adolescents encourages their sexual activity. Well, it isn’t. What sex educators have been saying for years has once again been confirmed by a large study undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Sex education proved to delay the beginning of sexual intercourse, for both girls and boys. When measured at age 15, girls... read more

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