Purple Leaves, Red Cherries – Book Review

By Tania Elfersy & Andrea Katzman. Sex and the new mother: the ultimate Catch 22. While it may be the one thing your body doesn’t miss in those first months (or more!), it is definitely something that troubles us with guilt, frustration and self-judgement.  But when these feelings are at their peak, so is our lack of time to do anything about it. A charming answer that any mother would love is... read more

9th Month Orgasms… aah

Any woman who has been pregnant and reached that epically long 40th week, when the belly feels bigger than her bed, and the bladder smaller than a bedbug, will remember the ancient wisdom that was then, and only then, passed along to her. She will be handed the magical potion that can get it all over with. Sex. Yes, that act that got her into this situation, is said to get her out of it. There’s a... read more

Octo-Wisdom on Religion and Sex

My work is so much easier when I have satellites working for me. Most of the time, okay, pretty much all of the time, they aren’t working for me. But in going about their business they’re doing the best damn sex education that anyone could do. Take the Octomom, for example: a lesson in contraception, bar none. She recently got me thinking about religion and sex. No, she hasn’t taken to... read more

Sex After Childbirth

The progression from sex to pregnancy is logical and clear, in fact it happens approximately 130 million times each year across the globe. But the progression from childbirth back to sex demands effort and information that a lot of women just aren’t given. When pregnancy and birth are placed under the authority of doctors and other health-care professionals, it is not surprising that trying to get... read more

A Dress You Can Really See Through

The glamorous Kate Hudson showed up to the 2011 British Fashion Awards in a clingy, black Stella McCartney dress, which wouldn’t have been news, except for the fact that she gave birth four months ago. The dress was see-through. I certainly managed to see through her act, as a good an actor as she may be. I see a mother who is starving herself so that everyone can talk about her fab body. I see a... read more