About Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)

In the 1970′s, former members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) set up the first branches of SAA based on the same 12-step programme that had shown success with various other addictions and dependencies, such as drugs, overeating, gambling and more. According to the SAA website there are more than 900 groups around the world. The majority are held all around the US, but meetings currently run also in... read more

Is There Such a Thing as a Sex Addict?

They are the subject of jokes and sometimes envy. They have a 12-step recovery programme of their own. They have books and memoirs telling heart-wrenching narratives. But the jury is still out on whether sex addicts are really what they claim to be – individuals with a compulsive need for sexual contact – or if they are simply the victims of a dangerous cultural construct based on arbitrary notions... read more