Foods that are Good for the Taste of Your Semen

Vegetables: wheatgrass celery  Fruit: papaya melon mango lemon  Spices & Herbs... read more

Can You Change the Taste of Ejaculate?

Everyman has his signature taste. It is that taste that his partner either enjoys, endures or avoids like the plague. But unlike his bad handwriting or sports obsessions, the taste of a man’s ejaculate is something that can relatively easily be worked on. Ejaculate, otherwise known as semen or cum, is a product of his natural scent and composition, but is moderated by his nutrition. So there are... read more

A Spoonful of Semen

There is a lot of confusion over the bonus value of semen in a person’s diet. Actually, that is a nice way of saying, “Give me a good reason why I should swallow and not spit!” Some sources say that semen is packed with calories or bad for you, and yet others claim it is the elixir of good health. We can dispense with the myths by trying to understand why people have an interest in... read more