9th Month Orgasms… aah

Any woman who has been pregnant and reached that epically long 40th week, when the belly feels bigger than her bed, and the bladder smaller than a bedbug, will remember the ancient wisdom that was then, and only then, passed along to her. She will be handed the magical potion that can get it all over with. Sex. Yes, that act that got her into this situation, is said to get her out of it. There’s a... read more

On the Genetics of Transsexualism

Transsexuals don’t need scientists to tell them the news: they are quite convinced that the clash between their sex chromosomes and their gender is very real. But for those people out there who just don’t understand why, these findings can provide a basis to try and accept that sex and gender are much more fluid that what they may have learned in bible class. In mid-2008, scientists at the... read more