Is Mazaltov in Order, Jesus?

A week, a month or a year from now we may learn that the whole thing was a forgery, but for now, I’m climbing on the “Jesus was married” bandwagon to put forward a terribly obvious point that the others seem to be missing. According to a papyrus fragment that found its way to Harvard Professor Karen King, Jesus was reported to speak of his wife, and what’s more, to recommend her for Harvard,... read more

Octo-Wisdom on Religion and Sex

My work is so much easier when I have satellites working for me. Most of the time, okay, pretty much all of the time, they aren’t working for me. But in going about their business they’re doing the best damn sex education that anyone could do. Take the Octomom, for example: a lesson in contraception, bar none. She recently got me thinking about religion and sex. No, she hasn’t taken to... read more

When Scientologists say “I Do” and “I Don’t”

Try as we might to ignore the subject of Katie and Tom, it just won’t go away. So in an attempt to find some unturned stone in this story, I thought I’d look into what Scientology has to say about sex. In a word, boring…. At the outset, it appears that sex is revered in this rigorous community. Sex is presented as a positive aspect of a happy marriage, with a focus on its purpose for... read more