Swinging: The Sexual Way of Having Your Cake and Eating It

No, this isn’t childs’ play but it has been known to bring on a few giggles and quite a lot of fun. Swinging is the practice of enjoying sexuality as a couple, with other couples. It is certainly outside of the box for most stable couples, some will even call it morally depraved, but it is not a loose and fancy-free occurrence. Swinging is actually a lifestyle with a definite order and set of... read more

Falling Asleep (Too Soon!) After Sex?

Passing out immediately after sex (so they tell me) is one of life’s great pleasures, when you’re the one doing the slumbering. For the slumberee, having no company for your post-sex lull, with the possible exception of some snores, can be very far from a great pleasure. In fact, sometimes it’s enough to annul a good deal of the enjoyment. There are a few reasons why falling asleep straight after sex is... read more

How Much Sex is Normal?

As the old joke goes, two people were asked how much sex they tend to have. One answered “we hardly ever have sex, only twice a week”. The other answered “we’re always having sex – as often as twice a week”. If the truth be told, the original joke tells that one is a man and the other a woman, but let`s not stir the already muddy water. When researchers try to find out how... read more