Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator Review

“What am I looking at?” may be your first response. If I say its a rabbit, some will understand the vibrator lingo but others could be left tilting their heads in bewilderment. So to level the playing field, I’ll explain that once upon a time there were Jack Rabbits which spun off a world of toys in which little ear-like features fluttered and buzzed in their attempts to drive the clitoris crazy.... read more

Is the Dolphin the New Rabbit?

If you didn’t know that I was referring to sex toys, perhaps if you thought I was posing a zoological question, it may sound quite idiotic. But for anyone who has even the briefest knowledge of the vibrator market, here is a query that inspires thoughts about the inspiration behind this huge and ever-expanding corner of the entertainment world. When the Rabbit made its mainstream debut on Sex and... read more