Proud All Month Long

June is pride month, so out with the black and white and in with the rainbow! For those who still argue that Gay Pride is shoving people’s (alternative) sexuality in other (mainstream) people’s faces, I’ll have you know that all year long very restrictive forms of heterosexuality and sexism are shoved in everyone’s faces. Pride march/week/month is a great time to raise... read more

Why Pride?

The term “Pride” refers to the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. And what are they proud of, some people ask? After all, are the straight folk particularly proud of being heterosexual? Pride is a process of many years that started when the vilified and abused homosexual communities began to stand up for their right to live freely as individuals with alternative gender... read more

A Message from Freddie

If Freddie were here, he would be 65 today. He’s been dead for 20 years is November, and yet we still hear from him regularly. He speaks about love and freedom and bicycles and fat-bottomed girls. Actually, he speaks about pretty much everything. All that Freddie doesn’t get round to saying, and I think he’d sing it from every podium if he were still here today, is that sex can kill you... read more

10 Commandments for the New Lesbian

Here is advice for the newly out lesbian, who is trying to reorientate herself outside of the norms of heterosexuality. Its given to you by women who know the experience, and wished that someone had laid it all out for them on tablets of stone. I. You are gay. You can stop trying to date men and dress however you like. II.Thou shalt no longer have to worry about traditional aesthetic norms. Beautiful and... read more

Lesbians and the Sexual Sell Out?

Debate is alive and thriving in the lesbian community about the place of sexual behaviour that mimics sex with a male. There are a whole series of sex toys that focus on the penis, or maybe, the lack of a penis. These are dildos, which are basically objects made to do the job that a penis does in sex – penetration into the vagina or anus. Some women who have rejected the heterosexual lifestyle... read more

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