Contraceptive Injection After Childbirth

It is usually recommended that you wait until six weeks after the birth to start the contraceptive injection because you may get heavy and irregular bleeding, but it is possible to use this earlier if there are no other alternatives you find acceptable. Two of the best contraceptive injections are Progestin injections. Depo-Provera lasts for 12 weeks and Noristerat acts for eight weeks. Although this is... read more

Contraceptive Patch After Childbirth

The contraceptive patch contains Progestin and Estrogen, in a slow distribution mechanism. It is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding, since the estrogen is likely to reduce the milk flow. For women who are not breastfeeding, the patch can be used from 3 weeks after birth, in other words it can be used as soon as contraception is necessary. Back to Selecting the Best Contraceptive For You After... read more

Contraceptive Implants After Childbirth

Implants are just one form of dispensing hormones in a slow, safe way through tubes placed under the skin. These can be used from three weeks after the birth. These last for 3 years so the choice to use this system must be well thought out. The implant is actually a thin, flexible rod that is placed by a doctor under the skin in the upper arm. Contraceptive implants provide Progestin, so they do not... read more

Sex After Childbirth

The progression from sex to pregnancy is logical and clear, in fact it happens approximately 130 million times each year across the globe. But the progression from childbirth back to sex demands effort and information that a lot of women just aren’t given. When pregnancy and birth are placed under the authority of doctors and other health-care professionals, it is not surprising that trying to get... read more

Regal Kegels

There are three great reasons to do Kegel exercises: sex and two others. Seriously, Kegels are not only beneficial to your health and sex life, they are also easy to do anywhere, anytime and without anyone knowing. By the way, the other two good reasons are that they are important muscles which assist during and after childbirth, and they are really important in later life to prevent loosing control of... read more

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